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Stuff Recovered That Jimmy Has Worked On


Soundtrack Demo


1.   Fanfare

2.  Roland of Gilead

3.  The Path of the Beam

4.  Mordred / Mort

5.  Guardians of the Beam

       to be continued...

Benazir Bhutto(Untitled)

Dance of the Relentless Hope - Jimmy Wilgus
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Jimmy was commissioned to compose the THEME SONG

and all of the background music for the 2013


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JIMMY WILGUS ( WICKED MONKEY) master klass. - Minsk 2012

Instruction Seminar

Jimmy is a student of jazz legend JOE MORELLO and has been passing his method on to drummers of all ages and abilities.  His private lessons are designed to improve speed, endurance, timing and all basic aural skills.  His seminars and Master Classes are based around how to write parts for songs, how to keep the music moving along and how to play in the studio.


Jimmy is also a student of vocal instructors MARTY and DON LAWRENCE of Manhattan.

His hollistic approach to vocal instruction not only increases range and stamina, but also delves into basic understanding of all instruments and interpreting lyrics to create a powerful performance.

A Neil Diamond Tribute Project sung by Chris Rich, produced by Jimmy.


"One of Jimmy's shining projects as a Producer. I wrote this highly ambitious project, Theater of the Mind, as a "radio musical" that tells the story of Charley Childs, a young tinkerer who happens upon an extraordinary discovery.  Only someone as brilliant and passionate as Jimmy could have wrapped his head around this kind of concept, and woven it into something so magnificent.  It's like watching a movie through your ears. Give it a listen.  You'll be transported to another world." - Chris Rich  

Romance by Choice

This was an incredibly different project that required a solid understanding of relationships. Jimmy didn't hesitate to accept the challenge. If you listen to Bill's audio at the bottom of the page you'll hear Ann Ross, Bill Scalzitti and Jimmy sing some of the songs on his album.

Hillary A. Broas (aka "Ann Ross")
Benazir Bhutto Musical
Pacific Meridian Film Festival
Instruction Seminar
Theatre of the Mind
The Dark Tower
Romance by Choice
Hillary A. Broas (aka "Ann Ross")
Neil Diamond Project - Chris Rich
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